Infinite Innovations

    Atigo is research oriented for innovations progressing from safety and security to personal well-being. It is at the forefront of research and innovations for various technologies through advance integration with IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile technology and communication technology. The company is promoted by UK based Nivid Group, headquartered at London, UK.

    Our Credos

    We are a research-oriented company that

    brings revolutionary solutions to existence.

    Every Life Matters

    We touch lives in terms of safety and security to personal well-being. Atigo is a big family serving more than 50 lakh homes, offices, hospitals, factories, shops, hotels, exotic sites and more globally

    Industries we serve

    We are majorly engaged in focusing on renewable energy, augmented reality, AI, autonomous gadgets, space and many more.

    Our domain expertise meets location specific challenges. We drive operational excellence, accelerate growth and streamline business operations.

    We strive to create cost effective products that help the institutes to gain more competitive edge.


    Life @ Atigo

    Every brain that can think outside the box or question the conventional is the reason for revolutionary changes. We work daily to serve a common goal – to foster innovations beyond the ordinary.

    World Class Certified Products

    Atigo World Class Certified Products ce | rohs | iso

    Aerospace & Defence

    Warfare is changing parallelly with strategic warfare. The Aerospace and Defence sector is at an inflection point, an expansive plan is made for modernization of obsolete equipment through the long-term perspective plans, capability plans and capability roadmaps.


    Digitization helps enhance and improving the healthcare while transforming the healthcare experience. Boosting administrative productivity, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating better care coordination, providing support for decision making while improving patient’s health is what makes technology a backbone for healthcare development


    The positives added to the industries through technology are undeniable. Through the practical knowledge, often we can work to optimize processes to our maximize potential. An emerging degree of digitization has brought a great sense of practicality and agility for industries


    Handling information in an efficient and quick manner with the help of modern technology is the virtue of banking sector. A hassle-free experience even at remote locations while increasing the overall profitability in the institution are the add-ons of modern technology

    Educational Institutes

    Nations leverage open technology ecosystems to expand access to quality content and learning experiences. Technology supports the development, measurement and accreditation of future skills

    Manufacturing Units

    Transforming not just the consumer market but even enabling better process control for automating difficult or monotonous tasks could be easily done by the trending technology in the manufacturing sector. Advanced data analytics and predictive technology powered by augmented reality represents industrial revolution driven by data


    Technology driven service to offer more personalized experience at an establishment facilitates the hospitality industry. Most industries wish to offer a strong IT infrastructure with cloud solutions and technology has infiltrated that aspect

    Public Sector

    We are heading towards smart developed cities, enhancing scalability and bringing immense transformation in the original functionality of the public sectors. A significant driver of cloud deployment across all public sector organizations can contribute towards optimizing supply chains, distribution and fulfillment operations

    Storage Facility

    We embrace advanced technologies to effectively streamline daily operations like accounting, management and marketing as benefits to storage management. A secure storage facility is however the ideal consideration