Case Study on Indian Railways, DLW Varanasi

Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi

The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India, is a production unit of Indian Railways. The Indian Railways manages the fourth-largest railway network in the world. The Indian government is giving an extra thrust to the Indian Railways with high investments in the upcoming years. Performance of the Indian Railway has been steadily improving and it has remained one of the safest modes of transport. The Corporate aim of the Indian Railways is to commit itself to ensuring that all its activities are managed to the highest level of safety which is pragmatic and reasonably practicable to achieve. DLW, being a part of the Indian Railways retains the ultimate responsibility for ensuring safety.

A new expansion was made to DLW. It was important for DLW that safety is ensured with highest global standards. The DLW aimed that everyone concerned with the management to the workers understand the requirements of fire safety in order to ensure optimum safety for all who are present in the building. They aimed to focus on life and property safety. DLW wanted a solution that could match its required standards. They wanted to opt for a future ready addressable system that could pin point the exact location of fire as the manufacturing plant was big. The installation must not involve any changes to the existing manufacturing unit’s architecture.


The Challenges of DLW before NFire

The manufacturing unit is well integrated with a township consisting of manufacturing units, admin buildings, HR buildings and warehouses. So, it wasn’t the easiest place to set up wires. The lengthy wiring was estimated to be 5 times the total cost of the system. It was clear that DLW needed completely wireless devices as it was spread across a large area with many buildings. The foundry and all the heavy machinery could raise primary causes of destructible fire. Leakage or circuitry problems, fires from production materials, explosion, uncontrolled reactions with tube blockages, corrosion-induced equipments, leakage or erosions, packaged products in the warehouses and storage, electrical rooms and office environment can all lead to sparkling fires can raise very high fire risks. Even in case of any other emergencies, quick and planned evacuation is extremely important. One of the requirements of DLW was to have early detection so the key stakeholders can contribute to life and property safety. Major design considerations for DLW were safety, technical leverage, highly reliable system that could last longer with low maintenance and installation cost.

The Consultant was given this task to find a solution that satisfied DLW’s requirements completely. After analyzing the necessities, he recommended NFire Solution to DLW as the perfect fit. NFire Solution is an ideal solution as it is highly scalable, cost effective and highly reliable. A site survey was conducted for DLW by NFire Team.


NFire Solution is a smart integrated incidence management system. It minimizes complexities to increase the speed of communication. NFire Solution was implemented at DLW. NFire provides the manufacturing unit with localized alert within the premises along with centralized monitoring by NFire Emergency Monitoring Service Centre as per their requirements.
The site survey was conducted by NFire Team. DLW believes that the site survey was the most valuable part of this project as it gave them confidence on the recommendation of NFire by the consultant. Working with NFire Team on the site survey put into perspective that this process should be every company’s standard. They believe that NFire Team highlighted the risks/threats and assured for NFire’s seamless functioning. Seven N70 Panels were installed at the DLW with almost 650 hybrid smoke detectors, 100 MCPs (Manual Call Point) and 10 outdoor sirens with battery backup. A distinctive feature of N70 panels is that they are the right fit for mega establishments with low cost, easy to install and operate. NFire is a customizable solution with easy installation and minimal downtime. It causes no damage to the existing structure and saves a major cost compared to any conventional or wired addressable systems. NFire solution also brings other unique features like 24×7 monitoring, advance integration with IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile technology and communication technology. It is an easily upgradable future proof technology system for next generation smart fire stations. NFire feasibly reduces operational complexity and increases the incident response speed. It is highly stable, robust and built as per UL/BIS/NFPA specifications. Along with the live emergency monitoring service, notifications are sent via live call and SMS by NFire team of highly trained monitoring officers. NFire connect app makes it easy to access NFire alarm system from anywhere.

Benefits to DLW

NFire has proved to be an ideal solution for DLW. NFire Solution helped DLW save property worth crores from a warehouse fire early morning. The concerned authority was quickly alerted through fast detection and live monitoring.

DLW experienced minimal cost for safeguarding their premises and their people. Any civil cost was eliminated while causing minimum installation cost. Live monitoring with pin point location of fire through an app is provided to the manufacturing unit as demanded. The system is cloud integrated, IoT operational and AI enabled with integrated communications. NFire Solution ultimately ensures that the building was safe and operational. Moreover, DLW was able to achieve higher Returns of Investment (ROI) while experiencing minimal Total Cost of Investment (TCO) with the help of NFire Solution.

More about NFire

NFire is the revolutionary wireless addressable fire alarm system, designed and manufactured in India. Manufactured with the highest quality European standards our NFire range is one of the most advanced Fire Detection Systems currently available in the market. NFire is marketed in India by Atigo Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Growing at a fast pace, Atigo is one of the leading electronic security and safety solutions provider in India. NFire conforms to US-NFPA-10th Edition Specifications and is certified with CE, ROHS and ISO 9001-2005.

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