Case Study on The Fern Resort

The Fern Resort, Daman

The Fern Seaside Luxurious Tent Resort, Daman is a marvelous property situated in the back drop of historical Moti Daman Fort with panorama of Black Arabian Sea, on Jampore Beach. With the baseline ‘Leading environmentally sensitive hotels’, The Fern Hotels & Resorts (Managed by Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd) is amongst the fastest growing hotel brands in India. A living thing, the fern is a perennial plant, retaining a rare consistency and many of its best characteristics over millions of years. It is an epitome of pedigree flora and aptly represents the Fern Hotels & Resorts. The Fern Residency is a mid-tiered experience of hotels and resorts in the 3 and 4-star categories. They offer up market accommodation and services ideally suited to the emerging traveler.

The luxurious resort considered to prioritize a safe and secure environment so the guests could spend quality time feeling safe and welcomed. They believe in the utmost importance of the safety of their guests and their staff. The Fern resort, Daman aimed to ensure that everyone concerned with the staff to the guests understand the requirements of fire safety in order to ensure optimum safety for all. They aimed to focus on life and property safety. The Fern Resort, Daman wanted a solution that could match its required standards. They aimed to opt for a future ready system that could pin point exact location of fire as the resort was spread across a vast area. The installation must not involve any changes to the existing architecture of the resort.

The consultant for the project was Mr. Bhavesh Ajmera of Delta Systems & Peripherals.

The Challenges of the Fern Resort before NFire

There are almost 70 tents in the resort and those are made up of cloth or plastic. Hence wiring would not only be difficult but rather an extremely dangerous idea. The location of the resort is prone to expect high winds which could higher the risks of raging fire from small sparks. Fire could take place from various accidents; some of them being tourists smoking cigarettes, faulty electrical materials, short circuits, the wooden furniture or any flammable baggage of the guests. A small unattended ignition can spread its grip rapidly as embers can fly across 10 to 15 feet away. Even in case of any other emergencies, quick and planned evacuation is extremely important. One of the requirements of the Fern Resort was to have early detection so the key stakeholders can contribute to life and property safety. Major design considerations for the Fern Resort were safety, technical leverage, highly reliable system that could last longer with low maintenance and installation cost.

Mr. Bhavesh was given this task to find a solution that satisfied The Fern Resort’s requirements completely. After analyzing the necessities, he recommended NFire Solution to the Fern Resort, Daman as the perfect fit. NFire Solution is an ideal solution as it is highly scalable, cost effective and highly reliable. A site survey was conducted for the Fern Resort by NFire Team.


NFire Solution is a smart integrated incidence management system. It minimizes complexities to increase the speed of communication. NFire Solution was implemented at the Fern Resort, Daman. NFire provides the campus with localized alert within the premises along with centralized monitoring by NFire Emergency Monitoring Service Centre as per their requirements.

The site survey was conducted by NFire Team. The Fern Resort, Daman believes that the site survey was the most valuable part of this project as it gave them confidence on the recommendation od NFire by the consultant. Working with NFire Team on the site survey put into perspective that this process should be very resort/hotel’s standard. They believed that NFire Team highlighted the risks/threats and assured NFire’s seamless functioning. There are 70 luxurious tents in this resort. N70 Panel was installed with hybrid smoke detectors, MCPs (Manual Call Point) and outdoor sirens with battery backup. A distinctive feature of N70 panels is that they are the right fit for mega establishments with low cost, easy to install and operate. NFire is a customizable solution with easy installation and minimal downtime. It causes no damage to the existing structure and saves a major cost compared to any conventional or wired addressable systems. NFire solution also brings other unique features like 24×7 monitoring, advance integration with IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile technology and communication technology. It is an easily upgradable future proof technology system for next generation smart fire stations. NFire feasibly reduces operational complexity and increases the incident response speed. It is highly stable, robust and built as per UL/BIS/NFPA specifications. Along with the live emergency monitoring service, notifications are sent via live call and SMS by NFire team of highly trained monitoring officers. NFire connect app makes it easy to access NFire alarm system from anywhere.

Benefits to the Fern Resort

NFire has proved to be an ideal solution for the Fern Resort. They precisely experienced minimal cost for safeguarding their premises and their people. There was no lengthy wiring or masonry work which saved a lot of cost with fast installation. Live monitoring with pin point location of fire through an app is provided to the resort as demanded. The system is cloud integrated, IoT operational and AI enabled with integrated communications. NFire Solution ultimately ensures that the resort was safe. Moreover, the resort was able to achieve higher Returns of Investment (ROI) while experiencing minimal Total Cost of Investment (TCO) with the help of NFire Solution.

More about NFire

NFire is the revolutionary wireless addressable fire alarm system, designed and manufactured in India. Manufactured with the highest quality European standards our NFire range is one of the most advanced Fire Detection Systems currently available in the market. NFire is marketed in India by Atigo Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Growing at a fast pace, Atigo is one of the leading electronic security and safety solutions provider in India. NFire conforms to US-NFPA-10th Edition Specifications and is certified with CE, ROHS and ISO 9001-2005.

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